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The Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson University (previously called Maryland Center for Character Education (MCCE), before that Maryland Center for Values Education) grew out of a concern about ethics and values in the Baltimore business community. The Baltimore Region Council of Governments sponsored in 1990 a conference called Workforce 2000. Five task groups were formed as a result of the conference. The Task Group on Community Values was charged with determining the significance of values and ethics in the workplace. The group was asked to identify the needs and the means for addressing them and concluded that:


Values in the work place have a profound influence on the quality of product and the services, as well as on the quality of life, of a community. A workforce influencing and influenced by positive values can provide the impetus for an economically and socially vibrant community-one that becomes nationally, as well as internationally, recognized for integrity, quality, and vision.

One of the Task Group's twelve recommendations was entitled "Encouraging Values Education", which stipulated that the region should establish and interface with a Center for Values Education designed to enhance the teaching and modeling of values in elementary and secondary schools, as well as in teacher education programs.

After two years of study by a group of educators, business leaders, and community activists, the Center was established, holding its first official meeting in July, 1992. Soon the work of the Center expanded beyond the Baltimore Region to the State of Maryland.

Strong ties with the public school systems of Maryland were established through membership on the Board of Directors and through various programs developed by the Center. The Maryland State Department of Education's Office of Character Education has played a significant role in the organization, as have the Archdiocese of Maryland and the independent schools of Maryland.


Maryland Center for Character Education Played Key Role in Achieving Million Dollar Grant


Maryland received one of only four awards given nationally by the U. S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Education Partnership in Character Education MSDE, and the public schools in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Calvert County, Fredrick County, and Prince George's County were partners in this grant.

In 1983, Maryland's Values Education Commission defined character and citizenship goals which Marylanders wanted to see fostered in schools. Since then, the state's twenty-four local school systems have been working to integrate character education into the curriculum.

The five initial school systems designed a range of approaches to meet children's character education needs. This pilot program was designed to allow school systems to network and share ideas to find out what works best in different communities. Each of the participating local school systems developed its own model character education program based on parent, teacher, and school administration input.

The goal of the "Maryland's Partnership" in Character Education and MSDE incentives is to create a safe and orderly school environment for students by teaching values like caring, civic virtue and citizenship, justice and fairness, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and other elements deemed appropriate by the local school system.

The Maryland Center for Character Education played a key role in the development of this grant proposal. Phyllis Bailey, a past president of the Maryland Center for Character Education, was lent by the Baltimore County School system to the MSDE to create the successful grant proposal.

MSDE provided technical and professional assistance to the local school systems in the areas of curriculum development training, networking, and communicating with the community. The total grant award was $958,027.00, which was distributed over a four-year period.



Maryland Center for Character Education Partners with Stevenson University new name is:


Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson University


Stevenson, MD - On Thursday, November 5, 2009, the Maryland Center for Character Education (MCCE) joined the School of Education at Stevenson University in founding the new Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson University. Through this partnership, the University’s School of Education will work with MCCE to integrate character education training into its teacher education curriculum while also providing outreach and training, onsite and online, to primary and secondary schools throughout the state that are seeking to implement character education programs. Deborah Kraft, Interim Dean of the School of Education, joined Dig DeGarmo, President of MCCE, at the November 5 announcement.

Established in 1992, MCCE provides resources to schools, businesses, and community organizations promoting character education and development. MCCE’s primary efforts are focused on identifying and sharing with schools throughout Maryland best practices and resources in character education.


"The Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson University (MCCE@SU) is dedicated to making a difference in the ethical lives of individuals and the entire community through education, example, and action,” Kraft said. “The Center will encourage teachers and administrators in both public and private schools to teach, model, and reinforce character development and ethical behavior.”


Stevenson University, known for its distinctive career focus, is the third-largest independent university in Maryland with more than 3,400 students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and adult accelerated degrees at locations in Stevenson and Owings Mills.

This website provides resources to schools, businesses, and community organizations involved in and concerned with character education. Take advantage of these resources to assist you in your character education efforts.

The new MCCE@SU remains an organization that relies entirely upon private donations of individuals who are committed to building and supporting communities of character. MCCE@SU efforts are focused primarily on identifying, celebrating and sharing character-development "best practices" of schools throughout the state of Maryland. Through its efforts, MCCE@SU raises awareness of and serves as a clearinghouse of information for the character development upon which the advancement of our local, regional, and national communities depend. Such initiatives require financial investment.

Each year the Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson University holds an annual Awards Program to honor schools throughout MD who have instituted, developed, and are continuing comprehensive character education initiatives in their school communities. It is a goal of MCCE@SU to promote Character Education throughout the state of Maryland. We encourage every school throughout the state that has developed a comprehensive character education program to apply for this prestigious award. Our goal is to encourage all schools that have a character education program to apply for recognition of “MCCE@SU Best Practices School of the Year” award.


For more information about applying for our award contact Linda Muska at MCCEcharacter@aol.com.

Please help us to continue our effort to strengthen character development throughout the state of Maryland. Your tax deductible donation will make a significant difference in supporting Character Education within our schools and communities. We are grateful for your generous contribution.






Stevenson University

Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson

School of Education

1525 Greenspring Valley Road

Stevenson, MD 21153-0641

E-Mail: MCCEcharacter@aol.com